The volunteers of committee of NGO

The Working Forest Conservation Volunteer Organization of Thailand.

                  With the realization of His Majesty the King and Her Majesty the Queen. The lead organization Forest of water collected by the Fund prequel, all these scholars, soldiers, police, public and private, including heart give a royal charity. Social work, sacrifice, you replace the land to lighten his burden that he carried more than 60-year long outreach campaign to build dams upstream (Check Dam) and vetiver reforestation project from the mind to the works.

Criteria for donation

1. Donation figures - money.                                       

2. Cement donation for the construction of Check Dam

3. Obtain donations of blankets - duvets for children - young (new)

4. Donations for sweaters. Children - Youth (new)

5. Book donations - pencils School Supplies 6. God will not interfere benefits - not exploitation.


Guidelines to help build check dams.

1. Unity

2. Representatives shall be exalted representatives of national crown.

3. People do village community

4. The agenda village

5. People who have built dams without wages.

6. book cover with coordinates - of building a dam.

7. Representatives prepared as stone, sand, water and natural resources.

8. The cement's support for creating semi-permanent dike.

9. The speaker's support for the creation of a working space, see page

9. Weir jobs. Before the dam


Note: If your organization wishes to donate a network. Foundation can Facilities management fee + 10% Vat.

Notice is given to organizations or public charity under Section 47 (7) (b) of the Code. Shall be exempt from income tax under the Revenue Code. Whether there is any kind of revenue. And donors are entitled.

1. An individual donations to foundations or associations. Eligible donations are deductible up to a maximum reduction of 10 percent in the calculation of net income.
2. A company or juristic partnership or property donated to the Foundation or the Association is entitled to money or property donated to the less than 2 percent of its net expenditure is deductible in calculating net income.
3. VAT registered operators Type of product Bring items to donate to the foundation or association. The operator is exempt from VAT. You do not have to charge VAT from foundations or associations.


Name Competent Position
1.  Mr.Phanlop Suwamalik Organization working practices rural village devel Chair of honoracy consultant President
2.   Mr.Phusawasdi Sukliang International Trade -Tourism & Hotel Industry President
3.  Mr.Yanyong Rojanapathan   Vice Chairman
4.  Ms.Kittiya    Sukliang Head of Academic Affairs - Math Teachers of Mathematics of Satisuksa School Secretary
5. Mr.tanaphol  Supaditpong   Committee and treasurer
6. Mr.Bhormrungsri  SuKliang Bachelor of Business Administration Local administration Maejo University Committee
7. Miss Jocelyn Ford U.S. Public Radio Committee
8. Mr.Robert Wiggins Rotary Canada Committee
9.  Mr.YoLa  komcharoen responsible areas Doi Saket district Committee (Volunteer)
10. Mr.Yosae  komcharoen responsible areas Sansai district Committee (Volunteer)
11. Mr.Sasee Chathong responsible areas Mae Souy district Committee (Volunteer)
12. Mr.Nathawuth Surpa responsible areas Chai Prakan district Committee (Volunteer)
13. Mr.Vitoon Jana responsible areas Chiangdao district Committee (Volunteer)
14. Mr.jamoo  Lorkouy responsible areas Chiangdao district Committee (Volunteer)
15. Mr.yasor  Panakangwan responsible areas Chiangdao district Committee (Volunteer)
16. Mr.Somporn  Nanakikom responsible areas Hord district Committee (Volunteer)
17.Mr.Ratchata  Rangsakit responsible areas Mae Chaem district- Galyani Vadhana district-Omkoi district Committee (Volunteer)
18.Mr.Srivichai paisarnsawang responsible areas Mae Tang district Committee (Volunteer)
19.Mr.Jaha    Rakchat responsible areas Chiang Dao district Committee (Volunteer)
20.Mr.Sirichai Sirikanmanee responsible areas Mae ei district Committee (Volunteer)
21.Mr.Chaoue  Chatoe  responsible areas Doi Saket Baan Pa Yang Ngam Committee (Volunteer)
22.Mr.yola    japao responsible areas Doi Saket Baan Tung Yao Committee (Volunteer)
23.Mr.Nopphasit    Rakchat responsible areas Chiang Dao district Committee (Volunteer)
24.Mr.Thavee   Chasuaekha responsible areas Chiang Dao district Committee (Volunteer)
25.Mr.Yuha  Naiyue responsible areas Phao District Committee (Volunteer)
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