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Forest guard water projects.
Organization of Thailand jungle love water with brothers who race (patronage of Kruba Duang Dee Wat Tha Jumpee ).
Build a dam present royal charity 76 rain year 7600 dam 3 and reforestation 3,000 gift from Mother's Day.
As of August 12, 2553. Village La ear rubber forest beauty forest cover Tue Moo 7, T. Doi Saket Chiang Mai.
The problem of water scarcity and consumer goods organizations make love water, forests of Thailand. Standing hand to help brothers who race 117 families of 605 people who have trouble. Meeting has resolved to build a permanent dam slowed water flow and water storage dam. Reforestation, along with a small house in honor of the jungle. Teaching with the theory of sufficiency economy. Edible vegetable kitchen garden fence. *** Water is life, wild life  no water  no forests*** .


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